Convention of States Needed to Reform Washington

I’m representing South Dakota today at a historic convention in Mt. Vernon Virginia; I’m at an Article V convention meeting with several SD legislators at Mount Vernon in an attempt to start the process to rein in a nearly uncontrollable federal government which seeks to insert itself into every aspect of our lives.

The group that is promoting legislators from across the nation to participate in this historic project is called the Convention of States Project (They can be found on Twitter @COSproject)

Many are here because they see a myriad of problems coming out of Washington. some are here because of the intrusion of Obamacare into our lives and businesses. Some are seeking a renewed look at federal term limits and campaign finance reform.

In addition to these issues, I would like to see an amendment to the constitution for a balanced budget, and to force the Congress to stop mortgaging our children’s future.

Why are we seeking such a drastic measure to amend the constitution? It’s obvious that the entrenched politicians who control Washington have no interest in reforms. Congress passes campaign finance reforms that only make the process more difficult for candidates to be in compliance. It’s obvious that congress will never limit itself on spending.

And let’s not kid ourselves on whether or not Congress will ever pass term limits.

Much of this meeting’s success owes itself to a book by Mark Levin, as noted in this article:

Mark Levin’s, The Liberty Amendment’s, is the major influencing force for this call to action by the states for the Assembly. Levin points out that Article V of the Constitution provides the path to amending the Constitution in which, from the State level, two third’s of all the State Legislatures ask Congress to call a “Convention for proposing Amendments). If the Convention approves an Amendment, it can then be ratified by three fourths of the States and added to the Constitution with or without Congresses approval! Read that here.

With a Congress either unwilling or unable to act to reform a federal bureaucracy run amok, it is incumbent upon states to compel the federal government to act. And if they can’t handle it, then maybe the states should.


8 Responses to “Convention of States Needed to Reform Washington”

  1. 1 Nick Short December 8, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Thank you Senator Lederman for including a link to the article I wrote! I really appreciate it and would like you to know that I support and stand for everything the Convention of States stand for. You guys are the true fighters for all Americans alike who enjoy the freedom and liberty we have today. Sadly we are becoming controlled by a mainstream media who has failed to report, a press who is too fearful to critizice, a President who believes the constitution is irrelevant, and a public who has become disengaged. I’d love to do anything I could to help spread the word as I am only 23 years old and have recently graduated from college. I see the disenfranchisement of our youth and my own generation becoming eroded away from the institutional academics who preach the rhetoric of acceptance of a principle of freedom that isn’t American in any way,shape, or form. Please let me know what I can do to help and I’ll promise you I will not stop at anything to spread the word of freedom so that one day when I tell my children and my children’s children of the generation who almost forgot the ideal that is America will be able to live in an America that shall never come to this point again. Thank you again senator!

  2. 3 queenofliberty December 8, 2013 at 10:15 pm

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    Thanks to all the wonderful patriots who attended the Mount Vernon assembly! Alexis
    For more articles on this topic, click here:

  3. 4 Publius December 10, 2013 at 5:09 am

    There is no language you could take away or add to the constitution or the amendments that would reign in our runaway Federal Government. Each state needs to join together in not accepting Federal handouts. Each state needs to make it illegal to enforce laws and regulations that hurts the state. Do those things first, then maybe the public will be receptive to a Constitutional Convention. Until then it is just a dangerous exercise in futility.

  4. 5 John Goeden January 20, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    Senator Lederman thanks for your leadership and representing the great state of SD at the Constitutional Convention of States. DC must be reined in and cut down to size and it has become clear to me that left to solve the problem of a behemoth, oppressive, out of control government, they have no intention of reducing their power or control over the American people. Mark Levin (author of “The Liberty Amendments”)has given us the roadmap to solve the problem it is now up to us to do the hard work of accomplishing this task 1 step/state at a time.

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